Week 1 – En 12

Here we go. As you see in the video, we’re taking it slow as we get into this new form of classroom and that this will be challenging, liberating, frustrating, and a whole bunch of other emotions that we hadn’t even thought about yet. Above all, know that we’re all working on it and we all have the same goal; to learn and grow together.

The greatest challenge will be structuring your day so you are productive. We know it’s hard enough to keep on task when you’re phone is by your side (and that’s why I like putting them in the box!:) and now it is up to you to find that structure. We have tried to provide some kind of regular schedule for you by structuring the week days according to the block order.

Today is our day this week. And the assignment for Week 1 is to finish the assignment you started before Spring Break with Mr. Shantz. There will also be a weekly journal response to write in your Teams Notebook (see video for instructions) to keep your writing practice going. Also, if you are on track for university, there will be an additional comprehension assignment where you will read and write in order to keep building your skills in preparation for the next level. It’s important to keep up a rigourous schedule of reading and writing so you’re ready for the challenges to come. The topics will connect to big ideas we have already introduced in class and it is good we laid down the key philosophical points first so you can see how the readings connect to the big picture and we don’t stay stuck in our caves (Boom! Allusion!).

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