Week 1 – En 10 Media/Comp

Welcome all! I miss our class together and hope that everyone is well and ready to try this new form of school out. It’s a challenge for us to take on and we will rise to meet it. Here’s an intro video with some of the basics going forward.

Now that we know Teams is the place to be, let’s get working on our assignments. Here is a list for Week One. Find your class then go on Teams and complete the work.

Block 2: Media/Comp

  • Poetry/Song Curation project (started before the Great Shutdown)
    • 10 songs/poems with write-ups for 5
  • Journal Entry #1 (see Notebook in Teams)

Schedule and Office Hours and Online Etiquette

The weekly schedule looks like this:

If we want to do a live online session it will be scheduled at 10am on your block day. Every week the lesson and video will be posted in the morning and you will have the week to complete the assignment.

Conversations online follow the same rules as if we were in school. Keep it school appropriate and know that whatever you post cannot be erased. If we have a live chat session, it will be brief and on the topic related to the assignment we are discussing. The only video chat feature I will use is to show you something on my screen. We won’t be meeting “face to face” but only “voice to voice” to discuss and clarify and the like. I wish we were all in class together but alas, we will make it through this.

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