Blk 3 CW 10 “Everest Journal”

Here is a special video for the Blk 3 Walton/Rowe Creative Writing class

Here is the Everest Role Play game to download and I have also put it in Teams under “Files”. If you have your own 12-sided dice then great, if not, use the online virtual dice here

Use this game to generate ideas for your travel journal. The assignment requires you to “write in role” which means that you are pretending to be the character in the story. Play it a few times, especially if your character dies right at the start, and see what you get. You can also include other classmate climbers in your story as if they were part of your team.

Good luck! Send me questions via the Teams chat and we will check in with a live question and answer time next Wednesday.

This could be you!
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