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Happy Friday all! How has the first week on this new version of school been? Strange, confusing, tiring, fun, exciting, who knows? I miss seeing you all face to face and I cling to the hope that we will be back in class before the end of the year…hope.

Here is an intro video and an explanation of the assignments for the week. Take your time to try and figure it out before you say you’re confused and start sending out messages for help. This is a challenge for all of us and we must rise to meet it. Ms. Stephens and I are here for you and on our day (usually Thursdays but this week Friday) I am here all morning for questions. So watch the video, go to Teams and read the assignment, then get to work.

Here are the assignments:

  1. Internal Conflict:
    • Read the short graphic story, “The Wolves Inside” and do the responses.
    • 3 memes that show internal conflict
  2. Write your journal entry for the week
Here is what a normal week looks like for LSS. This week and next there is no school on Monday so the days shift one to the right.
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