En 10 Blk 2 & 4 – Week 2

Here we go into week 2. I’ve gone through all the work submitted thus far and am trying to get a sense of where everyone is at the end of Term 1. If you are still missing key work, Incomplete Reports will be sent out to your parents by the end of this week. I’ll send you a message as well to gently prod you to get your work done.

Dorothea Lange was a photographer known for her ability to capture life in its raw form through portraits of people

So on to Week 2 and the new assignments. The focus going forward will be on writing good compositions since, well, for the most part, your writing is not good and not nearly good enough to move into Grade 11 English. So we will start with an article about Dorothea Lange, a famous photographer, and the relationship between images and words. Here is your key questions:

How does an image lose its power when we try and describe it with words?

The assignment is straightforward. In Teams,

  1. Read the Article (in Files under Articles)
  2. Write your m/c answers and paragraph response to the above question in Assignments.
  3. Take an artistic photo (a portrait of someone or just an object or place), insert it in your Word doc, write an explanation your artistic expression.

This week’s journal topic is in the Class Notebook. It’s a strange and funny one because, well, I’m losing my sanity a little bit at a time having to teach through a computer.

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