En 10 Blk 4 – Week 3

Hey all! Look who’s back to finish off his practicum! Mr. Shantz has created the assignment for you this week and will be available for help on the Teams chat.

Let’s write a Travel Journal

It’s nice to be in touch with everyone again! I hope all of you are well.

I’ve enjoyed reading your Alternate History stories, although there were a few of you whose work I haven’t seen yet, so if you haven’t submitted them to Mr Rowe, get them in soon.

This week we’re going to be talking about Travel Journals — basically, a story about a person’s adventures while travelling, told from that person’s point of view. It could be that the person is writing the story down in their journal, or telling friends/family about it over supper, or writing a message in a bottle, or writing a letter/email to someone.

There are lots of famous stories that are essentially Travel Journals, including:

  • Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells
  • Lost in the Barrens by Farley Mowat

What’s important to remember is that this kind of story is personal, it uses the first person past tense, or “I did this” perspective. Because it is personal, when you write this kind of story, you really have to bring your character’s personality through in their narrative voice.

A character’s narrative voice is the way they tell their story:

  • The type of language, or words they use.
  • Do they use big words or simple words?
  • Are they formal or speaking in a common way the way you might talk to someone on the street?
  • Their tone, or what kind of emotion is coming through in their writing to show how they’re feeling about what they went through.

All of these little details in how you write the way your narrator is speaking can make the Travel Log story more believable because they make your character more believable.

Take a look at the example PDF, which has an excerpt from the classic novel The War of the Worlds. Can you get a sense of:

  • What this character’s personality is like?
  • What kind of background he might have?
  • What country and what point in history he might be living in?
  • What he was feeling in the moment he describes?
  • What he might be feeling now as he remembers that moment?

This week, you’re going to be writing a short story in the form of a Travel Journal. In Teams, in the Files folder there are photos to choose from.

  1. Pick one of the photos.
  2. Write a story about travelling to the place in your photo.
    • The story must be at least one page long.

You can make up anything you like about the place in the picture — it doesn’t matter what it’s like or where it is in real life. You can make up all the details you want and you can make anything you want happen in your story.

Your narrator must have a clear narrative voice:

  • Ask yourself, what kind of person is your narrator? How would they speak? What are they feeling — excited, sarcastic, sad, annoyed, happy, angry, something else?
  • Be sure to write the story in that tone so we can really feel your character’s narrative voice.
  • Your story must also contain:
    • Two similes and One metaphor
    • Your similes and metaphor must be underlined.

I’m looking forward to reading where you’re going to be taking us on your imaginary travels!

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