En 12 – Week 4

It’s May the Fourth! Normally we would watch a Star Wars video, argue about which movie is the best (still can’t believe Sheppard likes The Phantom Menace!) but alas, here we are. So it’s up to you to get your Star Wars fix today, even if you don’t like it…for some reason I can’t fathom.

Onward to this weeks’ work. The questions I want you to think about is this

Why do we do bad things? Is it a flaw in our nature? Or are we mostly influenced by outside forces that form us?

The short story, “The Bastard,” is about an anti-hero, a villain as the protagonist, whose goal is to swindle and rob people. He uses their vices to manipulate others into giving them what he wants. The story raises interesting questions about us and what we are capable of.

Read the story, and write a response to the 1st question at the end of the PDF (Page 75 Reading for Meaning). I have also included a link to the online version of the story as well because the scanned version isn’t of the greatest quality.

The Bastard – short story

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