En 10 – Week 4

It’s week 4! Have we gone completely crazy yet…or is there a little bit of sanity still in there? Whatever the case, onward!

The reading for this week is the short story by Richard Wagamese, “How the Animal People Choose a Leader.” Leadership is an interesting topic. I’ve taught for 20 years, coached for longer, been involved in many groups and events involving lots of people and it is always interesting to see people in leadership. Some are good, some are terrible, some are forgettable, and what you inevitably see is that people are different, and those in leadership reveal these differences in the many different situations that arise.

In the short story, think of the different types of leaders that arise and think about yourself; What type of leader are you capable of being? You can write about this in your journal this week (last week you had the week off). Stay tuned for videos about writing this week as we work towards writing a full-length essay by the end of the year. This week, work on being academic in your writing. Do not do the following:

  • use “I think…” or “In this essay I am going to tell you about…”
  • use a comma instead of a period. If the sentence is over, then end it.

Start with those, and we will go from there.

What makes a good leader?
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