En 12 Week 5 – Synthesis Essay Writing

For the next 3 weeks we will be working on writing a Synthesis Essay. It is the highest form of essay writing we will do in high school because it involves a conversation between texts around your ideas. Think of it like this: all stories have messages for the audience to decipher and these messages overlap between stories. You need to be able to see the bigger picture and synthesize these messages into a cohesive message. That, is your Synthesis Essay.

Here is the video from today’s live class. I go through an example of a synthesis process and explain the texts we will use for our own essay.

The focus topic for the essay is:

Why do people do bad things and what are the personal and societal consequences of evil?

You must use evidence from the following text in your writing.

  • “The Bastard”
  • Black Mirror “Crocodile” (season 4 episode 3)
  • Macbeth

This week, watch and read the sources and make notes in a chart. Anytime you see something that may help you answer the essay questions write it down. Having more evidence than you need is better than not having enough. If there is another story that comes to mind then include it in the conversation.

The Macbeth graphic novel can be found on the Sora site. In the video you can see how to find it and how to login. We all have free access to it and it is very easy to get the graphic novel. As always, I am here to answer questions. Just send me a chat.

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