En 10 blk 2 & 3 – Week 3

We all have dreamt of doing something great even if we know deep down it would never happen. We watch stories of heroes doing heroic things and we let our imagination go, “What if I could wield Thor’s hammer?” “What if I could sing like that” “What if I…?”

The story of Walter Mitty is about daydreaming to be someone you’re not. It’s about a guy with a boring life who wishes he was a hero. This week you will read a short story entitled, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” and write a short story about you being a hero in your own imaginary situation. They have made it into a movie with Ben Stiller but I could only find it on Prime Video with the Starz subscription. If you have access then go ahead and watch it. Here’s a clip

Here and on Teams there is the PDF of the short story to read. Create a Word doc in the assignment to write your own story. You can also listen to me reading it if you find it easier to be read to! You can pretend we’re actually in class.

Mr. Rowe reading “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”


En 12 – Week 3

Welcome to week 3 on remote English 12. Not much in terms for new stuff this week since we’re continuing on with our Playlist Project. Check out the new video where I go over how to integrate lines from a song into your explanation paragraph. And there’s new intro music from one of our very own!

Our journal entry this week is to write a continuation of the creative writing prompt. Go to your Class Notebook in Teams and write whatever comes to mind. The goal is to describe the scene and the thoughts and feelings of the character.

As soon as the words left his mouth I knew what he meant but couldn’t understand why he said it…


En 10 Blk 2 & 4 – Week 2

Here we go into week 2. I’ve gone through all the work submitted thus far and am trying to get a sense of where everyone is at the end of Term 1. If you are still missing key work, Incomplete Reports will be sent out to your parents by the end of this week. I’ll send you a message as well to gently prod you to get your work done.

Dorothea Lange was a photographer known for her ability to capture life in its raw form through portraits of people

So on to Week 2 and the new assignments. The focus going forward will be on writing good compositions since, well, for the most part, your writing is not good and not nearly good enough to move into Grade 11 English. So we will start with an article about Dorothea Lange, a famous photographer, and the relationship between images and words. Here is your key questions:

How does an image lose its power when we try and describe it with words?

The assignment is straightforward. In Teams,

  1. Read the Article (in Files under Articles)
  2. Write your m/c answers and paragraph response to the above question in Assignments.
  3. Take an artistic photo (a portrait of someone or just an object or place), insert it in your Word doc, write an explanation your artistic expression.

This week’s journal topic is in the Class Notebook. It’s a strange and funny one because, well, I’m losing my sanity a little bit at a time having to teach through a computer.


English 12 – Week 2

Here we go into week 2 of remote learning…and I’ve thought of doing this more than a few times.

But that’s ok. We’re moving on and doing this remote learning thing as best we can. So let’s check in and see how we’re doing. Here is what you should have done from last week:

  1. Was all my work from before the Break finished?
    • still a few people need to finish
  2. Did I write my Reflection on Life Under Quarantine as my first Teams assignment? (should take about 15 minutes)
    • 10 people still have to finish this (not great)
  3. Your Favourite Novel Podcast project (2 hours production time)
    • Due now…get it done and in asap
  4. Class Notebook Journals (about 20 minutes each)
    • in the class notebook there are now 2 Journal Entries to do.
      • 1. What have you watched lately and is it good?
      • 2. Watch the music video and explain what the heck the song is about.

Basically, we need to step it up if we’re going to successfully complete English 12. Make a schedule, set time aside to work, remove distractions, and get to it. Now let’s get on to this week’s assignment.

The Art of the Playlist

Create a music playlist entered around a Theme. Choosing your theme is the most important part of the project. It must be clear because you must write a multi-paragraph explanation of it…and for the love of criminy, don’t say your theme is “feeling happy” or “songs that are uplifting/inspiring” because those aren’t true themes but fluffy nonsense.

The Project outline is in Teams and you will create your playlist as a power point doc right in the assignment. Here is a simple run down of what you need:

  • Page 1 – Title and Cover Art
  • Page 2 – Theme Multi-Paragraph response (3 min)
  • Page 3-7 – Songs with art and 1 paragraph explanation of meaning
  • Page 8 – write your own song: 2 verses + chorus
  • Page 9 – End credits: list of songs, artwork

Due date is May 4th (and May the Fourth be with you)

Here’s the recording of today’s live class chat

…oh and…The movie High Fidelity is about a guy who owns a record store and revisits his life and relationships through music. It’s one of the best and you should watch it if you can. Here are a couple clips here the topic of playlists comes up


En 10 blk 4 – CW/Media

Happy Friday all! How has the first week on this new version of school been? Strange, confusing, tiring, fun, exciting, who knows? I miss seeing you all face to face and I cling to the hope that we will be back in class before the end of the year…hope.

Here is an intro video and an explanation of the assignments for the week. Take your time to try and figure it out before you say you’re confused and start sending out messages for help. This is a challenge for all of us and we must rise to meet it. Ms. Stephens and I are here for you and on our day (usually Thursdays but this week Friday) I am here all morning for questions. So watch the video, go to Teams and read the assignment, then get to work.

Here are the assignments:

  1. Internal Conflict:
    • Read the short graphic story, “The Wolves Inside” and do the responses.
    • 3 memes that show internal conflict
  2. Write your journal entry for the week
Here is what a normal week looks like for LSS. This week and next there is no school on Monday so the days shift one to the right.

Blk 3 CW 10 “Everest Journal”

Here is a special video for the Blk 3 Walton/Rowe Creative Writing class

Here is the Everest Role Play game to download and I have also put it in Teams under “Files”. If you have your own 12-sided dice then great, if not, use the online virtual dice here https://freeonlinedice.com/

Use this game to generate ideas for your travel journal. The assignment requires you to “write in role” which means that you are pretending to be the character in the story. Play it a few times, especially if your character dies right at the start, and see what you get. You can also include other classmate climbers in your story as if they were part of your team.

Good luck! Send me questions via the Teams chat and we will check in with a live question and answer time next Wednesday.

This could be you!

Week 1 – En 10 Media/Comp

Welcome all! I miss our class together and hope that everyone is well and ready to try this new form of school out. It’s a challenge for us to take on and we will rise to meet it. Here’s an intro video with some of the basics going forward.

Now that we know Teams is the place to be, let’s get working on our assignments. Here is a list for Week One. Find your class then go on Teams and complete the work.

Block 2: Media/Comp

  • Poetry/Song Curation project (started before the Great Shutdown)
    • 10 songs/poems with write-ups for 5
  • Journal Entry #1 (see Notebook in Teams)

Schedule and Office Hours and Online Etiquette

The weekly schedule looks like this:

If we want to do a live online session it will be scheduled at 10am on your block day. Every week the lesson and video will be posted in the morning and you will have the week to complete the assignment.

Conversations online follow the same rules as if we were in school. Keep it school appropriate and know that whatever you post cannot be erased. If we have a live chat session, it will be brief and on the topic related to the assignment we are discussing. The only video chat feature I will use is to show you something on my screen. We won’t be meeting “face to face” but only “voice to voice” to discuss and clarify and the like. I wish we were all in class together but alas, we will make it through this.


Week 1 – En 12

Here we go. As you see in the video, we’re taking it slow as we get into this new form of classroom and that this will be challenging, liberating, frustrating, and a whole bunch of other emotions that we hadn’t even thought about yet. Above all, know that we’re all working on it and we all have the same goal; to learn and grow together.

The greatest challenge will be structuring your day so you are productive. We know it’s hard enough to keep on task when you’re phone is by your side (and that’s why I like putting them in the box!:) and now it is up to you to find that structure. We have tried to provide some kind of regular schedule for you by structuring the week days according to the block order.

Today is our day this week. And the assignment for Week 1 is to finish the assignment you started before Spring Break with Mr. Shantz. There will also be a weekly journal response to write in your Teams Notebook (see video for instructions) to keep your writing practice going. Also, if you are on track for university, there will be an additional comprehension assignment where you will read and write in order to keep building your skills in preparation for the next level. It’s important to keep up a rigourous schedule of reading and writing so you’re ready for the challenges to come. The topics will connect to big ideas we have already introduced in class and it is good we laid down the key philosophical points first so you can see how the readings connect to the big picture and we don’t stay stuck in our caves (Boom! Allusion!).


Sooooooo, what do we do now?

First, don’t panic. Look around and think of three things you are grateful for in your life. Even in the darkest moments of life, there are things to be grateful for. This will be our writing activity for the week. Write a one-page reflection on how life has changed, how it feels to be stuck at home, and what could be the greater implications for our society going forward.

Second, think about your learning and think about what you have in your home that can help you continue learning. I know you’ve been binge-watching something so let’s use that to engage the mind. You can engage on a few levels:

  • analyze structure: track the plot movement, analyze characters and what they bring to the story, devices used (writing or filming) and how the writer/director crafts the story
  • Big Ideas: what are topics the author is trying to get across to the audience? What is the underlying philosophy?
  • Be a critic: good, bad, in the middle? Justify your reasons for your opinions with good arguments
  • Get Creative: write your own fan-fiction based on the story, role play a character and create something from their perspective…

Our second assignment will be about something you have watched/read during this time. Stay tuned.

As of right now (Mon, Apr 6th, 11:41 am) we are waiting to see what the finalized plan will be for you to finish the year and either Graduate (gr 12s) or pass to Grade 11. We have tried to call everyone and some I’ve talked to, others Ms. Stephens has talked with, and others just got a voicemail. Going forward, I will update all emails, posts, chats, videos whatever I can to get us through the rest of the year.

Obviously, I would rather see your smiling faces but of course, we must do our part and stay apart so this pandemic will slow and eventually vanish. Stay strong and take care of yourselves and your families and we will be victorious. Below are helpers to get onto Teams.

How to log into your Microsoft account.
What Teams looks like on your phone.

Trapped in the Cave with your Smartphone

We are often trapped in a cave of our own making and don’t realize the shadows we see on the wall are only that, shadows of the real world.  So what is the ‘real world’ and how do we learn to see the true beauty around us?  Look Up from your phone is a good place to start.  

Your first task is to research Plato’s Cave allegory and try and explain what he is trying to say about his own society.

Next, brainstorm a list of the negative effects smartphones have had on us.  Think both of the individual and of our relationships.

Finally, see how many of these illustrations apply to the lists you’ve made.  Are other people (artists) thinking the same things?

The Effects of the Cell Phone