Phones, phones, phones….no phones

This rant will be brief because I talk about this with every class in every grade.  There shall be no phones on a student or on their desk or anywhere nearby where they can see, feel or hear it while they are in class.

I enjoy my phone and use every day.  I also make a deliberate effort on a regular basis to disconnect from my phone, put it out of sight, and free myself from its grasp.  These powerful tools have given us access to so much yet it is becoming clearer and clearer that the pull from our devices is having a detrimental affect on ourselves and our relationship with others.

When we are together in class, I want us to be present to the moment.  We need to be free from distractions and calm our minds.  We need to work on ourselves.  Phones get in the way of this so in order to get the most out of the brief 70 minutes per day we spend together, we will put our phones out of sight and mind.