Homework Rant

Parents often ask, “how much homework should my kid be doing each night?”  It’s a good question and like with any good question the answer depends on a few things.  Learning takes digestion and it is good to take 20 minutes to review anything learned during the day in order for it to digest into the brain a little better.  So 20 minutes of Humanities review each night of the week is recommended for deeper learning.

However, if there is work that we did not complete in class then count that as homework as well.  We do our work in class and I gauge how much time is reasonable for students to finish what they need to.  Sometimes kids need more time because they haven’t used their class time well or they just weren’t feeling particularly productive on a given day so finish it for homework.  If your home is one where homework is a regular routine there’s a good chance your child will get the work finished.

For larger projects, homework can get pretty intense if left until the last minute.  As we work through projects we do most of the work in class.  There will be times where groups need to get together a work on their project and this can be done at home if possible.

Homework is a good thing because it reinforces learning and allows parents to get a look at what we’re doing in class.  So when you ask if they have homework and they say no, get your kid to give you a quick presentation on the subject they are learning and if they can give you a good 5 minute summary, they’re getting it.