Where to start?

On April 14th we begin our new form of school assisted by online tools. It is a challenge, to say the least, and we are all here to figure it out together. We are taking it slow on purpose and there will be glitches to overcome along the way. My hope is this page gives you many of the basics to get started before we even get into new work. So let’s go through the basics:

  1. When the Minister of Education announced the shut down of schools, he stated that All Grade 12 students on track to graduate will do so and all others will move on to the next grade. Many took this as, Great! we’re done for the year! Not so much:
  • “On track” means passing the courses needed. So we need to finish our courses which is what we will do from now until June 25th
  • The only “assessment” or test Grads need is the Numeracy Assessment which many of you have written already.

2. You need to complete the work you did not do before Spring Break! Here are the lists for all my classes:

  • Grade 12s
    • Stranger Than Fiction Essay
    • Nosedive Analysis writing
    • Hip Hop Poems
  • Grade 10 Media/Comp (Block 2)
    • Reboots
    • Rants
    • Short Film Analysis
    • Autobiography
  • Grade 10 Creative Writing/Media
    • Alternate History Story
    • Hero Story (from the Walter Mitty unit)
    • Short Film Analysis (choose 1 of the 3 films to analyze in a paragraph)
    • Autobiography (a short story of your life)

3. Microsoft TEAMS: this is where we will do our work. You should have received a few emails now about getting on TEAMS. You can download the app for your phone as a starting point, login, and you will see a Team for our class. Here’s what will be on Teams:

  • All new assignments.
    • All you have to do is go into the assignment, choose how you want to create it, and then submit when you’re finished.
  • “Discussions” either through written chats or voice chats. We can talk about topics and answer questions in the course. They will be focused and short just like if we were in the classroom.
Here’s the basics of getting your Office 365 account for logging into Teams

4. This Website

Here is where I will post explanations of the assignments along with notes, videos, examples etc. that will help you get your work finished. It is the central hub where you should check in then go to your Team class and do the work. To help keep up to date you can also follow my teacher Instagram account @mrroweshow where I will post reminders about assignments.

Onward and upward starting April 14th with new work